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At Seawin, we’re proud to be industry leaders in glass technology. For us, nothing is more important than bringing innovative glass products to the table, so that our clients can receive the most cutting-edge technology available on the market.
NanosShield Glass Coating™ SmartLevel™ SmartWidth Adjustment™ Magna-Seal™ Reversible Installation SmartClose™ SmartPlumb™ Hydro-Lock™ Hidden Anti-Jump

NanoShield Glass Coating™
NanoShield Glass Coating™ is unique because it is factory-applied and coated onto the glass of the shower door. Not to mention, it is designed to work at the micro level, eliminating the buildup of mildew, soap scum, and hard water by effectively repelling water from the glass surface for a cleaner and clearer appearance. Doors with NanoShield take advantage of a clear, non-stick, and super-smooth glass protective coat that requires 90% less cleaning than untreated doors – perfect for your bathroom. From there, you can count on shower doors that last longer and look cleaner than the competitors.

SmartLevel™ is an innovative type of roller technology specifically designed to make installation even easier by making adjustments on the rollers themselves to better account for out-of-plumb walls. Essentially, SmartLevel™ makes it possible for you to always have the ability to level their glass as it sits on the track. Each roller features a disc with an off-set center behind the roller. By turning the disc, it will raise one side or another and will align side edge of the glass to the wall.

SmartWidth Adjustment™
SmartWidth Adjustment™ is an installation solution designed to ease the installation process with a variety of fine-tuned adjustments. SmartWidth™ Adjustable hardware can be adjusted through the parallel in-line panel by releasing the tension within the hinge & further overlapping the glass panels. Additionally, certain sliding doors can also accomodate for width adjustment by trimming the top-bar/track to ensure a perfect fit.

Magna-Seal™ is the ultimate water-tight solution for all shower stalls with shower doors. Made with simple magnetic technology, Magna-Seal™ works to essentially seal the shower door shut, holding it tightly in place when closed to prevent water leakage when the water is running. The purpose of this technology is to ensure a closed door is secure & safe, also ensuring that the floor outside of the shower stall remains dry and water-free.

Reversible Installation
All of Seawin's shower doors come with the option of reversible installation. Meaning that Seawin's door can be set up for left or right-handed use. Giving you flexibility when it comes to your bathroom space.

SmartClose™ is the latest technology to hit the market when it comes to shower doors. Designed to make it easier to close glass shower doors while improving their water-tightness, SmartClose™ is a must have for any modern bathroom and shower. When the door reaches a certain point, the door will close itself – similar to self-closing kitchen drawers and cabinets. There are mechanisms within the hinges that push the door closed on its own, which paves the way for smooth door closures, less water leaks, and a luxurious bathroom experience.

SmartPlumb™ is a specific type of hardware designed to account for out-of-plumb and uneven walls. Implemented by utilizing the U-channel or wall profile, this technology makes it easier for you to install shower doors on uneven walls, which is quite a common occurrence when doing a bathroom remodel. Not only does it make it possible to install shower doors on uneven walls, but it ensures a door-to-wall plumb finish for easy opening and closing.

Hydro-Lock™ is a unique type of edge-sealing solution in the form of premium-quality vinyl seals that are used on the edges of shower doors and shower door frames to divert water and keep all moisture inside of the shower stall itself. The purpose of Hydro-Lock™ is to prevent any and all unwanted moisture from seeping out of the shower stall when in use. With a high quality and durable construction, with our Hydro-Lock technology, you’ll never have to worry about added moisture.

Hidden Anti-Jump
Hidden Anti-Jump is a simple piece of hardware that gets attached to the rollers, hidden behind the shower door track. This solution works to ensure the safety of the shower door by latching underneath the ledge of the track, ultimately locking those doors in place as they glide along the track. These rollers are designed to completely prevent the door from de-railing itself from the track no matter if the doors are being opened or closed.