SERIES Hospitality Case Study #007 - Architect

Hospitality #007 - Architect

The Problem:

An architect contact us as they were developing a student housing project. In search of a shower enclosure system that could be used in multiple different instances and configurations. The client wanted all the systems to use the same hardware and to match each other, but for use with one wall, two walls & paired with a glass partition. Additionally, the client wanted to add custom double-sided reeded glass to the doors. Wide reeded on the outside, narrow reeded on the inside.

The Solution:

Seawin holds the ultimate collection of customizable doors and enclosures. It was an easy solution for us to provide the Axio XTRA door system for this client. A system that was able to meet all of the client’s expectations and offers customizable glass as well for the double-reeded glass! 



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