SERIES Hospitality Case Study #001

Hospitality #001 - Nationwide Manufacturer

The Problem:

A client came to us and told us that their current bypass sliding shower door was too loud. They wanted to maintain the look of the shower door, but fix the internal issues involved with the sound.

The Solution:

To fix this issue, we had to dive into the build of the glass shower door to see where the issue was coming from. The noise was coming from excess contact between the rollers and the track of the glass door. We redesigned the track for the door to resemble a ‘V’ shape. We also changed the roller to a flat face against the track. By changing the point of contact from full contact, to just two points at the top of the ‘V’ shape, we were able to eliminate the noise. We were also able to improve upon the product further by upgrading the quality of the roller with a better bearing because a smoother glide is a quieter glide. As a major shower door manufacturer, Seawin takes pride in developing innovative solutions to our client's issues.



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