Manufacturing #004 - National Home Builder

The Problem:

A unique client came to us who built residential homes. They were in the process of developing a turn-key home construction style that would produce homes faster than ever before. They came to us looking for a product that would reduce their turnover time overall.

The Solution:

So how would we make it faster? By eliminating the need for field measurements. By offering them our Flex X, Flex X Duo and Verona shower door systems, the client was able to completely eliminate the need for perfect field measurements. All of these models offer our SmartPlumb™ technology which allows for multiple inches in width adjustment! We were able to provide additional value to the client by offering staggered delivery. With 300+ doors being used per month all across the country, the client was extremely pleased when we were able to do consistent shipping to all of their various job sites.



For Professionals

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