SERIES SW4201111

111 Elite Plus Series

SOLID CORE: Solid wood construction throughout entire door.
PANEL DOOR: Door is constructed from a variety of components including rails, panels, and stiles.
WOODEN DOOR: Each door handcrafted from wood using anti-warping technology.

Elite Series 111 Shaker 4 Panel Glass Inlay Interior Door

Elite collection creates a delicate balance of privacy and space. Refined glass inserts visually organize the interior space without overloading it with unnecessary details. Elite collection was created to combine the traditional and modern design in a single elegant decision. Practical advantages of the Elite collection are equal to its aesthetic benefits. The 1/8” thick tempered glass installed in the door slab keeps you safe as in case of damage it would break into small smooth surfaced splinters excluding the possibility of injury.

Product Features:

  • SOLID CORE: Made of 100% solid natural wood material thought out entire door.
  • PANEL DOOR: Door is constructed from a variety of components including rails, panels, and stiles. This construction makes this door durable that resists warping and twisting.
  • WOODEN DOOR: Each door handcrafted from wood using anti-warping technology.
  • POLYPROPYLENE FINISH: This series using polypropylene lamina with an increased thickness of 200 mk, which allows to obtain solid waterproof and scratch resistance covering.
  • TRANSITIONAL: This model provides a traditional yet modern look with a combination of panels. 
  • OTHER CONFIGURATIONS: All of our doors are custom-crafted to fit your personal style, and each model can be installed as barn, pocket, bypass single or double doors.
  • NO FORMALDEHYDE: Environmentally friendly using only latest eco-friendly materials.
  • GENERAL INFORMATION: Comes with door panel, frame, casings and concealed hinges. Doors are available in any size up to 36 in. wide 92 in. high.
  • PRODUCT WARRANTY: This product is protected under Seawin’s Limited 2-Year Warranty.
Product Width (in.) Up to 36 in.
Product Height (in.) Up to 92 in.
Door Style Transitional
Construction Solid Core
Door Type Panel
Surface Finish Polypropylene
Door System Swing, Barn, Pocket
Application Interior Door
Material Wood
Thickness 1 1/2 in.
Door Pattern Shaker 4 Panel Glass Inlay
Formaldehyde Free Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard size for an interior door in the US is 80 inches in height and 30 to 32 inches in width. However, there are many other sizes available, including 24, 28, 36, and 42 inches in width.

There are several types of interior doors, including hinged doors, sliding doors, French doors, pocket doors, and bi-fold doors. Each type has its own unique features and advantages.

Interior doors can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, glass, metal, and composite. Choose a material that fits your design style, budget, and maintenance needs.

The type of hinges you use for your interior door depends on the door size and weight, as well as your design preferences. Common types of hinges include butt hinges, piano hinges, and concealed hinges.

A pre-hung interior door comes with the frame and hinges already attached, while a slab door is just the door itself. Pre-hung doors are easier to install but may limit your design options. Slab doors offer more design flexibility but require more installation work.

A hollow-core door has a hollow center and is typically made from thin sheets of wood or composite material, while a solid-core door is made from a solid piece of wood or composite material. Solid-core doors are more durable and offer better sound insulation, while hollow-core doors are lighter and more affordable.

The type of door handle you choose depends on your design style, functionality needs, and budget. Common types of door handles include knob handles, lever handles, and smart locks.

Yes, you can paint or stain your interior door to match your design style. Choose a paint or stain that is compatible with your door material and follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

To enhance the soundproofing of your interior door, consider adding weatherstripping, acoustic seals, or a soundproof door sweep. You can also choose a solid-core door or a door with a higher sound transmission class (STC) rating.

To add privacy to your interior door, consider using a frosted or textured glass, adding a curtain or blinds, or installing a barn door with a latch. You can also choose a door with a locking mechanism or privacy knob.


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