Urbo - Pivot Shower Door

  • FRAMED: Framed look featuring rust-free metal framing around the glass.
  • HINGED DOOR: A swinging door that utilizes high-quality hinges.
  • CUSTOM: Is custom made to fit your shower field conditions, configurations and design requirements.
  • WARRANTY: All Seawin products are covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Polished Stainless

Urbo - Pivot Shower Door

The Urbo hinged and framed shower door by Seawin stuns with an elegant design and detailed touch. The sophisticated stainless steel hardware is a perfect mix of exceptional quality and unique urban style. This door is custom designed, available in 3/8 inch (10 mm) and 1/2 inch (12 mm) ANSI certified tempered safety glass.  

Product Features:

  • Urbo series shower doors custom made to fit your opening.
  • HARDWARE FINISHES AVAILABLE: HARDWARE FINISH: Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless.
  • HINGED DOOR: A swinging door that utilizes high-quality hinges.
  • GLASS: Premium quality 1/2 in. (12 mm) and 3/8 in. (10 mm) thick tempered glass.
  • SmartPlumb™: An additional 3/8 in. adjustment can be made to accommodate for out-of-plumb/uneven walls.
  • SmartWidth™ Adjustment: Anodized aluminum wall profiles allow for up to 1/2"" in width adjustment.
  • SmartClose™: Self-closing hardware within the hinges offers a smooth door closure and limits water leakage.
  • Hydro-Lock™: Tight seals around all edges and creases of the door divert water back into the shower to prevent leakage.
  • QUALITY FINISHES: Seawin’s premium hardware finishing process prevents corrosion, rust, chipping and scratching. Providing extended protection for your door.
  • Magna-Seal™: Magnetic strips run along the door panels that hold the door tightly in place when closed and prevent water leakage.
  • REVERSIBLE INSTALLATION: This door can be installed for left or right-handed opening.
  • FRAMED: Framed look featuring metal rust free framing around the glass.
  • PRODUCT WARRANTY: This product is protected under Seawin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • GLASS CERTIFICATIONS: Seawin only uses ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201-certified tempered glass.
  • IMPORTANT: Measurements of the shower opening must be done AFTER the walls are finished. This includes back walls, tiles, etc.


Product Dimensions Custom
Glass Thickness 1/2 in. (12 mm) and 3/8 in. (10 mm)
Glass Type Any
Door Type Hinged Door
Door Style Framed
Reversible Yes
Out of plumb Adjustment 3/8 in.
Width Adjustment 1/2 in.

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