SERIES Blog Article #001 - 'What to Look for in Shower Doors'

Blog Article #001 - 'What to Look for in Shower Doors'

What To Look For In Shower Doors

Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to your bathroom, nothing will grab your attention faster than your shower doors. After all, your shower is your spa, your oasis, your big feature – so why waste the opportunity to turn your shower into the luxurious bathroom space that every home should have? When you’re looking to replace your shower doors, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, so that you purchase the right style for your space.

In this short blog post, we’ll point out some options and suggestions for you to consider as you search for your new set of shower doors. Let’s take a look down below and get started.

Glass Shower Doors

First and foremost, one of the most common types of shower doors that you’ll find are glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are stylish, they’re contemporary, and they’re relatively easy to clean, which is always a plus. However, there are a wide variety of styles that you can choose from.

From frameless to semi-framed glass shower door panels, to clear glass and frosted glass, there’s always a ton of options to choose from – and that’s where it’ll all come down to personal taste and style preferences.

Frameless Shower Doors

Speaking of frameless shower doors, these are always a great choice if you’re looking to make your space look and feel like a modern oasis. Modern shower doors feature minimal hardware, so that you’re left with a clean and clear view right into your magical shower stall.

These can also be customized for size and style, so that if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you can conceptualize the look of your space and have your shower doors match it seamlessly.

Sliding Shower Doors

Perfect for tub and shower combos, sliding shower doors are always viable options for main family bathrooms. Sliding shower doors feature a track that typically mounts to the shower floor, the top rim of your tub, and the top of your ceiling. From there, the sliding shower doors fit into the frame and seamlessly roll along the track.

Visit Seawin

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or remodel and are searching for a wide variety of shower doors to view your options, head on over to our website today to see what we have to offer. Here at Vigo Industries, nothing is more important to us than bringing modern and contemporary bathroom fixtures to the market.

Browse our products and find a style that works with your vision. From there, reach out to us directly and inquire about purchasing the model that you love. We’d be more than happy to work with you to ensure that you can complete your bathroom renovation or remodel with one of our beautiful shower door models.

Pay us a visit and see just how easy it can be to transform your bathroom from boring, dull, and drab, to modern, sophisticated, and luxurious.

Shop with us today.

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