2022 KBIS Event And Seawin: What You Need To Know

Nov 5 2021

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, known as KBIS, is North America's most well-known annual event solely dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom industry. The KBIS and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) have been the leading voice for the industry for the last 50 years. 

This event was designed to allow revolutionizedbrands and manufacturers to showcase their latest products and innovations. Every single year thousands of highly skilled builders, architects, dealers, and designers from around the entire globe attend the KBIS. The event isn't just used to showcase new trends, but it allows like-minded people to come together, become more knowledgeable, and increase their network. 

Included within the mix will be Seawin. During the KBIS event, we're going to showcase our new designs, talk to interested individuals, and tell you more about what Seawin has in store for the future. To gain a better insight into what you can expect at the KBIS show from us, I suggest you become knowledgeable on the below. 

What can you expect at the KBIS show? 

Before you book your flight, get ready for that road trip, or arrive at the KBIS show, we thought it would be beneficial to discuss what you can expect at our stand. Undoubtedly, they'll be professional representatives of Seawin, ready to answer any questions or queries you may have. Including this, you can look forward to the below: 

New product releases 

The KBIS event is well-established for bringing brands and manufacturers together to showcase their new products. Therefore, it'd be insulting if we didn't have any to showcase. However, we've been exceptionally busy developing three new doors the Flex X Duo, Axio Xtra, and the Ozark. Below are small teasers of what you can expect to see: 

1.Hugo and AspenFrameless Shower Door 

Our newest family members are proudly will be featured at new KBIS. Our designers and engeneers designed new rollers that will blow you away. Space like rollers equipped with significant visual aspects, something that'll undoubtedly "wow" any guests. 

This shower doors is available in different sizes and hardware finishes for evet client and space in mind. 

2.Flex X DuoFrameless Shower Door 

This glass shower door is one of a kind. With NanoShield, high-quality, and ANSI Z97.1 tempered glass, at a minimalistlook, makes this a superior choice for frameless designs. 

The frameless shower door itself was created with longevity in mind. We understand that glass shower doors can quickly become stained or unpleasant to the eye after extended use. However, our NanoShield patent technology takes 90% fewer cleaning agents to restore the glass to its original clean state. 

These advantages make it the perfect solution for all hospitality units such as hotels or resorts. Here you'll be provided a good-quality, visually pleasing, and easy to clean shower door which will last a lifetime, which is everything any hospitality owner could ever wish for. 

3.Axio XtraGlass Shower Door 

Including the innovative Flex X Duo is the Axio XtraGlass Shower Door. If you're looking to remodel your bathroom(s) and create a much more modern atmosphere, look no further than the Axio Xtra. This framed or frameless shower door comes in an array of configurations. You can purchase this framed, frameless, and private, or non-private. This allows our customers to select a glass shower door based on their current or future bathroom aesthetics. 

It's clear that the design of the Axio Xtra is flawless, but what about its features? This glass shower door, along with various others within our selection, comes with tempered, thick, durable, and NanoShield glass to provide optimal efficiency. Because of its durable nature, you can expect to receive a lifetime out of this stunning piece of bathroom furniture. 

4.OzarkSliding Barn Door 

Along with the above, we'll also be showcasing our new Ozark sliding barn door. Variety is something we at Seawin adore, and that's why we created two different versions of this immaculate door: gridded or non-gridded. 

This sliding barn door is much more unique than what meets the eye. Additionally, with its hard-wearing and easy-cleaning glass, all the sliding fixtures are recessed inside the ceiling, providinga much more uncluttered look. The design itself is flawless and will look superb in large open spaces or luxury hotel rooms. 

Including the above products, we'll also be showing our traditional inventions for both bathrooms and showers. While browsing our stand, you can expect to see LED bathroom mirrors, bathroom design ideas, shower wall surrounds, and many other products from our extensive range. 

Professional representatives 

Showcasing our new inventions is superb, and it provides us with a lot of pleasure. However, including the products will also be industry-professional representatives from Seawin. Here, you can enquire about products, ask them industry questions, or have a friendly chat.Whatever it may be, the representatives are delighted to help. 

During the event, we want to talk to previous, existing, and future clients. Mainly because this is what makes us grow as a company. Individuals can provide us feedback on products, and people can give us recommendations on future bathroom furniture. The conversations could truly be endless, which is a win-win for everybody. 

Likeminded individuals 

There's one primary reason why people are at the KBIS event, and that's because they all have a like-minded interest in kitchen and bathrooms. Because of this, you'll engage with people with similar interests as yourself. Without a doubt, networking is the most prestigious tool within our industry and being at the KBIS, you'll be met with an abundance of different networking opportunities. 

If you manage or own a hospitality business, then the KBIS may be something of interest. You'll be presented with ground-breaking kitchen and bathroom equipment that could improve your business's visuals, potentially lower the running costs, or increase its profits with the new products and services promoted at the KBIS. 

The people you'll meet and the products you'll become knowledgeable on are endless. Undoubtedly, the investment made to appear at the event will pay for itself within the networking and future products field. 

Now you understand what you'll see at the KBIS event from Seawin, let's discuss more about why we're there. 

Why is Seawin partaking in the KBIS? 

There aremany different reasons why we will benefit from being there. Below you can find three primary examples: 

Brand recognition and exposure 

First of all, at Seawin, we want to make people aware of our products and what benefits they can provide the client. Exposure through standard practices like social media, television, radio, billboard, or anything else for that matter, is declining nowadays. The best type of exposure you can provide a business is peer-to-peer conversations and demonstrations. 

This way, clients, business owners, or interested bystanders can better understand the product and the company behind it. Doing it this way provides a great start to a potentially long-lasting relationship. Additionally, physically seeing the products in reallife can give a much better representative of the quality, its visuals, and whether it's suitable for your application. 

Industry insights and marketing intelligence 

As mentioned above, during the KBIS, we get to have conversations with like-minded people. Whether these people are pre-existing clients, potential customers, other manufacturers, or just generally interested people, all parties can benefit. 

Itprovides our business with marketing intelligence and industry insights, and nobody gives us better feedback or trade advice than people at the KBIS. People can express their views about our products, what we've done well, what could be improved, etc. With this knowledge, we can develop bathroom furniture much more suited to the industry's requirements. 

Along with this, we also provide you with industry insights on top trends. Owning a business within the hospitality sector can be somewhat challenging at times, especially when it's recommended to renovate your buildings every three years to be considered"modern". 

Falling behind this could have devasting consequences for yourhospitality space unless the marketing angle is different. Needless to say, it's something you should be knowledgeable on, as it could prevent potential downfall in the near future. 

Company feedback 

Lastly, you can provide us with feedback on how we're doing as a company. If you've previously done business with us, your insights are precious for the future of our services and products. With our professional representatives, it's the perfect opportunity to provide the team complements or helpful advice. 

After reading the above, you should have a solid understanding of why we're visiting the KBIS. We want to showcase our new and exciting products, along with talking to those who are interested. Seawin as a company is excited for this opportunity to meet everyone and cannot wait to start communicating with each other. 

If you want to join us at the KBIS event but aren't sure where to purchase a ticket, you'll want to click here. This will take you directly to the pricing and packages page for the event. On this page, you'll want to click register and follow the sign-up process. During this, it'll indicate the different pricing points and allow you to select one based on your requirements. Once purchased, you'll receive a confirmation email with your ticket reference. 

Hopefully, we'll see you at the KBIS, and we rightly look forward to it. Until then…